Truro Colchester has become a really cool place to live. With every new restaurant, shop, school, community event and outdoor concert, it is easier than ever to show the world why we love living here.


We have access to world-class facilities you would expect in a big city — a $7.8M library, a $50M recreational centre, and a $185M hospital — but you won’t find smog, traffic or high real estate prices. We live in friendly communities with neighbours we can depend on, but plenty of wide-open space to explore and enjoy.

Truro Colchester is in a period of great revitalization. We are trying new things and it feels like anything is possible — a sure sign of a vibrant, flourishing community. Come and see for yourself!

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Located on the East Coast of Canada, Truro Colchester is in the centre of Nova Scotia, a beautiful province with approximately 1 million people. We're affectionately known as the hub of Nova Scotia because we are centrally located right in the heart of the province.

Within this centrally located county, we have distinct regions, each offering different advantages for lifestyle and family.

  • The Greater Truro Area (GTA) is located in the heart of Central Colchester. It's where you'll find the urban area of Truro and suburban communities such as Bible Hill, Valley, Salmon River, Hilden, and Lower Truro/Truro Heights. Downtown Truro offers the best of both worlds — small-town ambience combined with a full range of shops, services and recreational opportunities.

  • South Colchester - is comprised of Brookfield and the greater Stewiacke River Valley area.  Stewiacke is bordered by two rivers fed by the Bay of Fundy: Stewiacke River and the Shubenacadie River — which makes sense, since the Mi’kmaq word “Stewiacke” loosely translates to “flowing out in small streams” or “winding river.”  As for the folks that call Stewiacke and Brookfield home, many of them can often be found appreciating nature. Two large trails wind through the communities: the John Crawford Trail and the Stewiacke River Trail.

  • North Colchester - There’s nothing quite like the sunny skies, warm beaches, and delicious food of the Northumberland coast. Tatamagouche is a thriving seaside village that embraces quality of life along the Northumberland Shore.

  • West Colchester - is the region on the northerncoast of the Cobequid Bay, extending from Debert to Five Islands. It’s dotted with communities like Masstown, Glenholme, Bass River, Economy, Great Village, Little Dyke, Londonderry, and Portapique.


At an average price of $190,000, homes in Truro Colchester are substantially more affordable than homes in larger metropolitan areas.

Whether you’re looking for a rambling farmhouse that comes with 20 wild acres to roam in your ATV, a two-storey family home that’s close to schools and playgrounds, or a cozy bungalow on a quiet street with mature trees, there’s a home waiting for you here in Truro Colchester.

Only an hour’s drive down the road in Halifax, a two-storey, three-bedroom house will cost around $400,000. The identical home is likely about half the price in Truro Colchester.


Search local real estate:  Realtor.ca


Public schools are managed by the Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education. We have provincially-certified, talented teachers, educational assistants, and administrators who work hard and love what they do. Many of our schools are equipped with Learning Centres to provide unique resources for students with special needs.

Students living in Truro Colchester can take part in French Immersion programs at many of our schools, and sometimes have the option to enroll in Early Immersion in Grade Primary. Truro Colchester is also home to a French-language Acadian school, École acadienne de Truro, where
students learn French as a first language and begin learning English in Grade 4.

Cobequid Educational Centre and Northumberland Regional High School both offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program — a rigorous pre-university course of studies that culminates in a series of international examinations.



Dalhousie University - Agricultural Campus

Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture is a lush, sprawling campus in Bible Hill, just minutes from downtown Truro. The Faculty of Agriculture is uniquely home to a working farm, with nearly 1,000 acres of research fields, gardens, and greenhouses. It’s built on a proud history of industry-leading education and research since 1905. The faculty’s unique programs combine the core disciplines of agricultural sciences with business management and innovative technology. Students can study engineering, landscape architecture, international food business, aquaculture, and more.

Nova Scotia Community College - Truro Campus

The NSCC is a network of 13 community campuses located throughout the province. The Truro Campus offers a full range of programs, including Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Digital Animation, Practical Nursing, and International Business. The campus also includes computer labs, a library, a dining hall, an art gallery, a bookstore, daycare centre, a student residence, and the fully equipped NSCC Sport and Wellness Centre. It’s located in the heart of downtown Truro, with easy walkability to just about everything.

Jane Norman College

Located on Lorne St. in Truro, the Jane Norman College offers a two-year program (or four-year part-time program) where students can earn an Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma. This qualifies graduates to work in preschools, playschools, and daycares. Graduates can also elect to work towards an Inclusion & Intervention diploma. Jane Norman College also offers a two-year Youth Worker diploma
program, which prepares graduates to work with youth in juvenile justice, recreation, rehabilitation and residential youth care.

Commercial Safety College

Dating back to 1959, CSC is Canada’s choice for professional training in truck driving, busdriving, and operating heavy equipment. It’s located in Masstown, just 10 minutes from Truro, and programs include training in heavy equipment, tractor trailers, excavators, bulldozers, school buses, backhoes, loaders
and more.

"Everyone is so nice and Welcoming!

We had three different neighbours come by with homemade cookies. That’s something that had NEVER happened anywhere else we’ve lived in Canada. We love living in Truro. The lifestyle and the community is perfect for families like us with young children. It’s safe, and there are so many activities and opportunities for children —  All for a price that’s really affordable.”

- Cecilia Jamasmie



While rural regions have experienced slow population decline, the Town of Truro and Millbrook are experiencing continued growth. Truro grew by 1.7% since 2011, and Millbrook grew 1.5% since 2011. The majority of our population (about 63%) are “working-age” (between 15 years old and 64 years old).


Our talented young people make up about 15% of the population — they’ll be the ones entering the labour force during the next two decades. At present, we’re set to see about 19,000 residents retiring over the coming years — which will free up excellent career opportunities for those in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Who’s doing business in Truro Colchester?

The majority of our businesses are classified as small businesses with less than 50 employees. We also have around 50 mid-sized businesses with 50-100 employees, and close to 30 large businesses with more than 100 employees. Truro Colchester’s largest private employers include;  Stanfield’s, Home Hardware, Scotsburn Dairy, Intertape Polymer, Rothsay Rendering, Masstown Market, Sobeys Distribution Centre, Kohltech

Where to find job opportunities.

Truro Colchester job opportunities are posted online in various sources; including but not limited to the Federal Job Bank, Career BeaconIndeed; and other online sources.  



Whether you’re in the mood to take in a lively play, concert, fine art exhibit, or dance performance, there’s a local venue ready to welcome you as their guest. Truro Colchester has a thriving arts community brimming with talented actors, musicians, artists, and dancers, and we also host performers from all over the world.

  • Located in the heart of downtown Truro, the Marigold Cultural Centre is a 208-seat theatre is an intimate setting for concerts, plays, and standup comedy. The space includes an art gallery, a workshop space for arts education programming, a concession area, and a sports heritage hall.

What's the buzz?

What to know what's happening in the Truro Colchester region? Stay on top of events by
@TruroBuzz on Facebook, Instragram and Twitter. You can also sign up for their Weekly Newsletter by visiting them online at www.trurobuzz.com.


From jogging the Cobequid Trail on a crisp morning to tackling a cardio workout at the gym, we have plenty of opportunities to stay active in Truro Colchester!

  • Rath Eastlink Community Centre: The RECC includes an aquatic centre with two pools and a 2.5-storey waterslide, a fitness centre with daily classes, an athletic development centre, an indoor 35’ high rock-climbing wall, an NHL-sized ice pad and a walking/jogging track that’s free for public use.

  • Cougar Dome: This indoor multisport facility includes six full-sized tennis courts, a 15,000 sq. ft. portable synthetic turf surface, a two-lane 260m synthetic track, long and triple jump pits, and a 10-bay golf range. It provides free access to all Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education students between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

  • NSCC’s Sport & Wellness Centre: This 30,000 sq. ft. facility includes pulse weight-training machines, free weights, treadmills and stair-climbers, stationary bicycles and computerized cycles, rowing machines, cross-trainers, a spacious stretching area, and a gymnasium with a full basketball court, two volleyball courts, and six badminton courts.

  • Scotia Pool: This fivelane 25m pool has the warmest water in the area, making it a favourite spot for water-fitness classes, lane swims, swimming lessons, and recreational swims.

Big city-dwellers may spend most their days cooped up in offices — hoping for a glimpse of sunlight when they take a pedway from one building to another — but that isn’t how we do things here in Truro Colchester.  From hunting and fishing to ATVing and rafting, there's so much outdoor life to be enjoyed!

  • Victoria Park is a 2,000-acre woodland paradise in the heart of Truro. People come from all over the world to explore it, and we’re proud to have it in our backyards. It’s where residents of Truro Colchester gather together for the annual Easter egg hunt, the Victoria Park Challenge — an intense race with obstacles — and outdoor movie nights under the stars. It’s where we go to cheer on minor league baseball teams and cool down in the pool on a hot evening. It’s where we meet a friend to play tennis and then head over to the BBQ area for a picnic. Slip into your hiking shoes and come along as we walk you through a few of the highlights of Victoria Park.

  • The Cobequid Trail is an 18-km walking and cycling trail network through central Colchester County. The trail takes you along a former railway, through Acadian dykelands and farmland, through forests and along brooks, and beside the tidal Salmon River.

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For more greater details on life in Truro Colchester, request/download our digital Relocation Guide

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